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Community Call

A meetup for the weirdos...

Next Call:

Sunday, August 14th, 12:00 pm e.s.t.


An open call for the weirdos currently seeking a safe online space to connect to fellow weirdos


This will be a no-pressure, no judgment, beginners meet up for a guided art session via Zoom.

You are also welcome to follow your own practice and simply orbit in the community!

Suggested materials:

(Can all be found at home or $1 store)


  • A few pieces of paper, a sketch pad (preferably thicker), or a cheap canvas

  • At least 3 acrylic paint colours + black and white

  • Any size paint brushes

  • Any objects around the house with cool shapes to stamp, scrape or trace

    • ex: a lid, a pinhead, cookie cutters, scrap paper, ruler, fork, etc.

  • 2 water jars/cups

  • A plate/paint pad/palette

  • Paper towel or a cloth


Optional Extras:

  • A small spray bottle

  • Painters tape for a clean border or colour blocking

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