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Sponsor an Art Show

Corporate funding is cool, but community finding is even cooler. 

Thank you for your investment in me as an artist, I promise to continue creating experiences that make you feel all mushy and weird <3

Current Sponsors:

Brittany H.

Alycia S.

Alysha C.G.

Alyssa K.

Amanda H.

Angie L.C.

Annie H.

Annisa M.

Alexandra P.

Ashton G.

Julie B.

Kelsey S.

Maria B.D.R.

Shannon B.

Carrie K.

Cassie C.

Chalynn B.

Chantal J.M.

Chantal L.

Colleen M.

Melissa P.

Darian B.

Deanna F.

Kimberley C.

Katie E.

Erin M.

Giulia G.

Tiana G.

Taylor H.

Ivy H.

Ivy H.

Jessica D.

Joan G.

Mary A.

Kristin H.

Laura O.

Laura L.

Laura W.

Lindsay N.

Lindsey S.

Mace C.

Maria M.

Betsy M.

Natalie M.

Maxine V.

McKenzie Y.

Meghan W.

Minna M.

Monique R.

Paula W.

Renee L.

Fenn R.

Sadie T.

Sarah A.

Sashah R.

Sara H.

Shelby C.

Jenny R.

Stacey M.

Stefanie K.

Erin S.

Stephanie B.

Tara L.

Tessa V.

Talina V.E.

Vanessa M.M.


Queer Collective
Immersive Art Installation

June 23, 2023- 90's Inner Child @ Coin 8


Something Creative
Live Painting, Gallery, Art Installations

June 17, 2021- BiBiBaby Gallery Installation

June 17, 2023- Bibi Baby Immersive Fairyverse Experience

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