These pieces do not come with a mini-easle or 3M strips, but you can add them here: Mini Easles


*All Newd Bewbs come with a special mystery gift! <3*

"Newd Bewbs"

PriceFrom C$10.00
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  • All orders place before November 21 will ship the first week of December.

    Although the cut-off date allows ample time to arrive before the holidays, there may be circumstances regarding the postal service that I cannot control. 

    Shipping rates are slightly higher to accomodate for high-quality packing materials and those ordering multiple items.

    However if there is a greater than $5 discrepancy between the cost charged for shipping and final cost, you will be refunded the balance. 

    Please note that canvases are being custom packaged and shipped through a third party to ensure the best possible delivery of your piece!

    All orders over $250.00 come with $100 insurance.