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Hire Laura For..

Who wouldn't want a spicy lil' artist painting at their event?

And who wouldn't want an installation that everyone wants to post on IG?

Silly people, that's who.

Whether it's painting a unique textured abstract, a nude body, or creating a bold, fantasy installation- Laura's your girl.


contact: hello @

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Live Painting

Laura Hesp Floral Studio Set Installation Design

Event Installations

Laura Hesp Textured Colourful Art Painting With Paint Cart


- Canvas

- Acrylic, oil pastel, spray paint, texture paste, silicone

-Textured nude bodies, textured abstracts


- Floral, butterflies, fantasy garden

-Plants, 3D sculptures, LED lighting

-Bold colours, neons

- Sensory textures


Something Creative
Live Painting, Gallery, Art Installations

June 17, 2021- BiBiBaby Gallery Installation

June 17, 2023- Bibi Baby Immersive Fairyverse Experience

Queer Collective Toronto Logo

Queer Collective
Immersive Art Installation

June 23, 2023- 90's Inner Child Immersive Art Show

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