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Sponsor Laura's Art Shows

Sponsor Laura's Art Shows


*Available in $5 increments, add as many to the cart as you'd like*


Art shows are an expensive and necessary investment in my art journey and although self-funding is cool, community funding is even cooler. 


Everyone who donates will have their first name, last initial posted on this website under sponsors and a huge thank you post will go out on socials. 


To say thank you directly, there's also a lil' surprise download for your phone!


Thank you so much for always supporting my dreams, I love you!


    Your downloadable print is formatted to be cropped to any smartphone device!

    COPYRIGHT still belongs to Laura Hesp, this digital file is not to be shared or used outside of intended purposes including posting the raw image to socials. Feel free to post screen shots of your phone though!


    We do not accept returns on any items unless it arrives damaged.

    We do not give refunds, but we are happy to send an exchange or replacement depending on the item.

Even MORE art:

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